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David E. Sloat - BS, MA , MS, PhD     CHMM

Many Talents - Many Interests
  • Father (7 children = we're not bored!)
  • Chemist (BS, MS, PhD)
  • Philosopher/Theologian (MA)
  • Engineer (Materials & Processes)
  • Compliance Specialist (EH&S = EPA, OSHA, etc.)
  • Genealogist (but who has time?)
  • owner/maintainer
  • ...

Having gone to school far longer than anyone should (unless they really love learning - like I do) netted four degrees. Several years of work has netted expertise in electronic manufacturing. A few more years and along came certification (CHMM). But now my primary focus is my family. As noted in the links below, at one time I was heavily into genealogy - especially of the SLOAT family -- and some of the old data I collected is slowly being put on the Web here as time allows.

Links I consider important